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Who are you?

What is your brand? Who are you? What do you stand for? Why do people like and choose you?

Marketing needs to answer all of these questions in a way that reaches out to people and engages them on multiple levels.

I’m a filmmaker and storyteller and so that’s how my mind works – creating a visually interesting and entertaining story that takes a brand and turns it into something more human. Brands need faces and personalities. Take a look at twitter or facebook or whatever other social media the kids are using nowadays – the most successful “brands” are the ones who are people. The ones with personality and insight. The ones that talk to you, banter with you.

And on top of that, what really works for me is when I watch something with character. When I see a person I can relate to. When I see that software engineer rowing, or learn that that coffee shop owner writes poetry in their spare time. That’s what draws me in and really speaks to me on a different level.

But a talking head doesn’t do it for me. Talking heads are boring, generally speaking. They should be used minimally, if at all. I want to be visually stimulated while I listen to interesting things about the people, about the brand, about what makes me special for choosing to go there. And remember – it’s all about the customer. It’s always about the customer.

So you need to understand your clients and understand how they think (they’re also human, so they probably are pretty similar to you). In the end, all it takes is being yourself. As long as you are awesome. And marketing should work out just fine.